Sustainability & Management Education

I’ve just comepleted bibliometric research on the growth of the ‘sustainability discourse’ in business, management & organisational studies over the past twenty years.  Not surprisingly, growth in this field has been huge over this time-frame, and it has appeared to accelerate strongly in the last 5 or so years, and shows no signs of abating.    Although this working paper(which can be accessed here) provides some hard evidence that management and business academics are increasingly taking the topic of sustainability seriously, I was curious to know exactly what the peer-reviewed research literature was saying.  A small, but significant percentage of this work, is in the area of management education and learning.  The working paper graphically demonstrates where most of the research work has been conducted over the last two decades. 


Work on sustainability in the field of management and related areas came from a very small base in 1993 to current levels which continue to grow and show no signs of abating.  The working paper highlights areas where future research on sustainability and business, particularly as they relate to management and business education research, should be undertaken. 


The research paper is available to download from NUI Maynooth’s ePrints repository at the following link –

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