Representations of pagans and paganism in Irish newspapers since 1900.

I’ve just published a research note in the Journal of Contemporary Religion which examines how the terms ‘pagan’ and ‘paganism’
have variously been used in Irish national print media.

It investigates how Irish identity was constructed as the Republic changed to a secularising society where the hegemony of the Roman Catholic Church was gradually (but substantially weakened). I found that the trope of ‘pagan’ has been used to represent moral threats or political threats (such as the growth of Nazism or secularism) or acknowledge the influence of paganism (defined as ancient religious elements) on Irish culture. Research on Irish Pagans and related eco-spiritualities is a nascent field of study and this research note aims to contribute to its development. Limitations of the present study are outlined and avenues for future research are discussed.

You can get more information on the paper here.  The full publication details are as follows:

John G. Cullen (2016) ‘Changing Constructions of the Pagan in the Irish National Print Media 1900–2013′ Journal of Contemporary Religion 31 (1): 115-125. Doi: 10.1080/13537903.2016.1109878

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