Spirituality, work & management learning

I’m interested in the relationship between work and spirituality, and particularly how they impact on our relationship with the natural world and society in general. We spend most of adult lives preparing for, seeking out, and doing work. Work has become one of the primary ways in which individuals seek out not only the material benefits and economic rewards that enable them to live successfully in late capitalist society, but also provides a sense of meaningfulness. The existential and ethical aspects of the work we do (or would like to do) has far reaching implications for the individual in the workplace (as Max Weber so clearly demonstrated), but understanding these aspects can also tell us much about organisations, business and society in general.  Many theorists of religion have pointed out that that society’s relationship with faith has undergone a number of fundamental changes which have far reaching implications for how individuals think about themselves and work. The ethics of how management is taught and how managers are developed have grown increasingly important over recent years. These new developments offer opportunities for developing insight into how management and organisations, management learning, and our relationship with the work we do is changing.


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