Work, ethics & organisational life

My new book, Work, Ethics & Organisational Life has just been published by Oak Tree Press.

WEOL Book Cover

I wanted to write a short text that not only introduced the field of business ethics to first time readers, but to explore the way that it impacts in various ways on us as individuals throughout our working lives.  With that in mind I wanted to take readers through a whistle-stop tour of the way that ethics, work and organisational life impact on us at a societal level, which is why I begin with a study of capitalism and it’s various changing spirits.

From there, the book explores the various ways in which people engage with organisationa life: as new employees; established members of an organisational culture, and; as managers.  In the second half of the text, I examined the ethical elements of organisations and explore how businesses and institutions ‘do’ ethics through stakeholder theory, corporate social responsibility, governance, citizenship and sustainable practices. The ending of the text returns to the societal and examines how organisations negotiate ethical activity in their international practices and particular attention is given to the study and practice of responsible leadership.

Work, Ethics & Organisational Life is now available in paperback, as a PDF or an ePub from OakTree Press.

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