About me

I am a Senior Lecturer at the School of Business Maynooth University.  My research interests broadly encompass how the sustainability discourse influences responsible management education practices and work ethics.  This involves exploring the various ways in which businesses, managers and employees engage with concepts  related to social and environmental sustainability and responsible management.  My recent work explores how ethics, values and beliefs influence the ways people work and manage in contemporary organisations and society.  You can find a full list of my research publications here.

I also conduct research on the talent needs of organisations and sectors in order to ensure that my teaching is not only relevant to the changing needs of business but also to ensure that my students can achieve a real advantage in the labour market and in the world of business!  I post news about my research and new developments in Maynooth University School of business and other interesting activities and opportunities on my Twitter account.


I have designed and delivered a number of modules on subjects such as organisational behaviour, leadership, organisational theory and design, but recently my focus has been on topics such as business ethics, business & society, sustainable business and responsible management.

I strive to make teaching and learning resources available to students as freely as possible.  To access these, please my online media and publications pages.

I believe that engaging in pedagogical research and sharing it with other teachers in peer-reviewed journals is core to developing as an educator. My pedagogical research work has appeared in journals such as the International Journal of Management Education and Active Learning in Higher Education. I am particularly interested in methods such as evidence-based management learning, inquiry-based learning, universal learning design, PBL, reflexive practice (especially in large-class contexts) and peer-based learning.

I enjoy engaging with diverse groups of learners, whether they are practicing managers, experienced professionals, postgraduates or undergraduates. As with my research, I strive to develop my teaching practice in ways that are relevant to the current and future challenges that organisations currently face or which students will confront in their work.

My background

Before I joined Maynooth in April 2008, I held a range of management, research and library-related posts in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  I have also consulted for a wide range of organisations in the public and commercial sectors on areas such as management development, communications and knowledge management.  I was awarded a PhD in Management Learning from the University of Lancaster (supervised by Profs John Burgoyne and Sharon Turnbull) in 2009 for my ethnographic research on Spiritual Management Development.

I researched and lectured at the Irish Management Institute and the School of Management (College of Business) at Dublin Institute of Technology before joining Maynooth University in 2008.  Teaching and research go very much hand-in-hand. My research activity is outlined in the research interests summary section of this page, so I can (hopefully!) demonstrate how they relate to what, and how, I teach.

Advice for potential doctoral students

I welcome inquiries from potential PhD students, (including professionals seeking to conduct doctoral research on a part-time basis). I am mainly interested in cultural, critical and psychological research approaches, but am also open to working with students from other research orientations who interested in the broad themes outlined below.

  • Sustainability as corporate advantage
    • The influence of corporate social and environmental responsibility policies and/or practices on financial performance
    • Sustainability & corporate governance
    • Responsible management practices
    • Leadership & ethics
  • The ethical training needs of organisations /sectors
    • Sustainability training for  executives, professionals and/or business students
    • CSR and sustainability knowledge and skill sets required by business
    • Recruitment markets for sustainability and CSR professionals
  • Values, beliefs and attitudes towards the natural environment & business
  • Religion, business & ethics – particularly:

Potential doctoral applicants are advised to read my peer-reviewed journal publications from 2008 to the present.  If you are interested in exploring an area relation to religion, business & ethics please read the book chapter ‘Sustainability & The Spiritual Work Ethic’ (2012 – co-authored with Emma Bell & Scott Taylor) in Belief and Organization (Palgrave Macmillan Houndsmills, Basingstoke: pages 185-203) to get a more detailed picture of the research issues and questions I am currently working on in that particular field.

You can find more information on the School of Business doctoral programme (and how to apply) here.


Besides teaching and research I am also Academic Director for the BBS/BBA in Business/Management , Faculty of Social Sciences representative to the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Celtic Studies and School of Business Library Liaison. I also sit on the university’s examination appeals board,  and am honorary president of the Maynooth Business Society.


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